#2 take 2 (again)

ok, got rid of the squished version. here is a reverse-color version. the background is now the same color as the lines that make up the pattern, so now the negative spaces show up. this is a little bright, but i like the way it plays with the eye.

a second pattern

Finally, I stopped knitting long enough to post another pattern. This is from the same inspiration, but added a triangle. there is some slight undulation in the pattern as it gets smaller - almost a wave pattern.

I have been trying my hardest to figure out the problem with the Frida poncho pattern, but as soon as I fix one side, the other side is screwed up. I'm rather upset that I can't fix it, and it might be time to move on with a different use for my fabulous tangerine-colored yarn... but damn, I really do want to make this poncho! I've been obsessed with fixing the pattern all weekend. grr. I am going to try and put it aside for a while and come back to it later. Wish me luck.


pattern series 1

So, my first exercise in creativity is to create a series of patterns from one source of inspiration: power lines. It is interesting how just using something as a source for a shape or grouping of lines can be transformed into something much more different. In this first case, I feel the pattern I came up with has an almost organic feel, like a plant structure, or underlying skeleton for something... that is also influenced by the colors I chose.

hmm, it could also be something knitted!


if you make it public, you're accountable

I've started this blog to remind myself to make stuff. I need to create things that someone else hasn't asked for or isn't paying me to make. The time to start is NOW!

So, the first thing I'm posting is some knitting I've been working on for this Frida poncho pattern. Unfortunately, the pattern both online and in the new book Viva Poncho, has errors in the vine/leaf motif. GRRR. I'm still working on figuring out what those errors are, but in the meantime, I'm going to choose a different project to work on that will be more easily finished...

You can see where the stem breaks in the same place in the repeat. The left leaf also does not resolve correctly at the top like the right side does. Frustrating.