the shrug

What's been taking up all my free time? Well, knitting! I'm currently making a shrug with bell sleeves, out of this crazy recycled yarn made from left-over sari fibers (mostly silk). I got it on ebay, and the same type of yarn in my nearby fave knitting shop is of much better quality. Well, i suppose you get what you pay for. That's ok, I'm learning, and the stuff I got wasn't too terrible. I'm about half done with the shrug.

So, more patterns with the below flowers are coming next.


power flowers

So, back to my patterns! Using a different image, I traced some elements and then lined them up a bit to create a rather modern looking monogram... but from that unit, I was able to use the brush tool and altering stroke size to create these variations. I'm very excited about these, and will post more later using them... they are like flowers, or diatoms...

Since I'm only posting new stuff today, you're probably wondering, what was she doing all weekend?! Well, I was enjoying myself outside of the house, cleaning, having people over, and knitting. I'm on a new project using some recycled sari-fiber silk yarn. I will post a photo of where I am soon.