My friend's hat

My friend at work has been wearing this hat all season, but I just realized what the design was. I think the picture says it all. Do you think they sell patterns of stuff like this???


Sweater! Fingerless Mitts!

So, I'm finished with my first sweater. It was a fabulous success! I only blocked the bottom "shirttail" hem, but that's the only part that was really curling wrong. I debuted it last week on Wednesday knitting night. Hooray! Click the photo below to see a bigger image.

Immediately after I finished the sweater I picked out two new projects: fingerless mitts (aka gauntlets) and a hat for my husband. I've actually already finished the mitts!!! I used this fun pattern (Natalya Women's Gauntlets) I found online on this this blog. I used Manos del Uruguay in a dusty pink color, and I ended up lining the arm part of the mits with some polar fleece to keep them from being too itchy. I wore them today, and it worked out great. I did alter the pattern a little: cast on 32 instead of 40 sts, made the arm part shorter by an inch, and made the top part above the thumb longer to cover more of my fingers.

The hat I'm making is from the Winter 06 issue, in the staff patterns section. You can download the set of patterns from their web site. I'm making the Ridged Helmet Hat by Ann Budd. I'm using Misti Alpaca worsted 4-ply, 80% baby suri, 20% silk on size 4 needles. You might think it's a little late in the season to be starting a winter hat, but hey, this is CHICAGO. It was freakin' cold out today.


Almost done with my first sweater

misti alpaca chunky aquamarineSo, I'm finished knitting my first sweater, but I'm seaming now. I have half of it seamed up. Then I'll need to do a little bit of blocking. The sweater I'm making is from Weekend Knitting, and it's the Cashmere Pullover by Teva Durham. I'm making it out of Misti Alpaca chunky (aquamarine) instead, though, on size 11 needles.

Anyway, the whole reason for this post is really to share this great article on blocking from knitty.com. It's given me a few options and it's good to read about blocking for different types of fiber other than just wool. It's a good read, before you block for the first time!


The Poncho, finished!!! and Shrug!

I did finally finish my darn poncho, and here's a detail shot of the pattern. (Click and see a pic of me wearing the poncho in Peru! that's another story.) I was very proud to finish it, but I did have to buy 2 more skeins or yarn in the process of finishing... but who cares! it's done!

So, I've been busy since my last post in August. But I have been knitting. I made my first knitted gift, a shrug for my mom out of Blue Sky Cotton (dark red color) that has a braided cable in the middle that streches down the arms and across the back. I liked it so much that I made one for myself out of Malabrigo merino yarn in the jewel blue color. It's is SOOO soft, I can wear it next to my skin. I love it!