Dreary Weekend...

So, this weekend was rather depressing. It started out mild, but cloudy on Saturday, but as soon as I was ready to go out, it started raining. SO, no biking this weekend. grrrrr. We did get to check out the new Hyde Park Art Center Sat. night, which was fun. There are lots of familiar names around, as a lot of SAIC faculty also seem to be involved there. Anyway, it makes me want to check out their classes, as it would be very easy to get there after work!

Anyway, here's a pic of our orchid that we got 2 years ago, and finally bloomed again! It lives in the shower.


April Updates! (I'm a bad blogger)

Yes, it's true. I'm a terrible blogger! I get stuck on something, and keep waiting to get past it to post, and it never happens... What I've been stuck on since the beginning of April, is taking a picture of the ear flap hat I was making. I made it, and then my husband and I (it was for him) decided it just wasn't quite right. It rather looks like you're wearing an old fashioned motorcycle helmet. Or an old army helmet... But there was one success in making it. The pattern called for one big uber-earflap that runs from one ear, all across the back and ends at the other year. Instead of doing that, I made two separate ones on each side (of my own pattern) that looked good. But overall, it was too loose/big which contributed to the problem of the fat-head look. I am going to wash it and see if anything happens - I was told it might felt a bit... but I just remembered it has some silk in it, so I'm not sure if that will help. If not, it will go to the thrift shop. Someone with a big head might like it!

I did start a new project - the Fluffy Lap Blanket by Nicky Epstein from Weekend Knitting. I received 6 skeins of Red Heart Light & Lofty acrylic boucle from my mother-in-law for Christmas, and it just seemed like the perfect blanket yarn (I'm not as fold of wearing 100% acrylic, but it's great for blankets, and easy to wash). I got some Lion Suede yarn for the contrast, and it's working out well. I cast on a little more than it called for, and I'm making it longer. It will be perfect to drape across the back of a couch, and then across 2 laps! It should be finished soon, and I'll post a photo.

Now, I just got word that a friend of mine is pregnant, so I get to make baby stuff! I just started Baby's Pure & Simple Pullover by Lana Hames, also from Weekend Knitting. I bought some Hemp for Knitting(tm) hemp6 (DK weight) in Classic Hemp color (left) and this nice brighter green, Sprout. I thought these were good gender-neutral colors, as the parents are not going to reveal the sex of the baby until it's born. I'm excited to use hemp for the first time, and I plan to wash it a few times to see how much I can get it softened up before I send it off. I have some time... I don't think the baby arrives until late fall.

So, that's the knitting update for now. In other news, my husband and I bought some great new bicycles 2 weeks ago. Last weekend, we donated our old bikes to Working Bikes Cooperative, which rehabs older bikes and either sells them to Chicagoans, or ships them off to the Africa. So, I've finally given up my 10-speed, which I got from my parents in 6th grade and use all through college and after. It was time for a new bike. I got a performace hybrid bike to replace it, so it is still somewhat road bike-ish, which I like. But I'm definitely happy my old bike will be put to good use by someone. It still has some life in it yet!

(PS, this post is brought to you by TK, who chastised me for not posting for so long!)