Quickie project: using up old yarn!

So, I had a lot of recycled sari yarn hanging around, some of which was already wound into a ball from my shrug project. With a few hours to kill on Saturday, and feeling rather creative, I decided to make a little gift bag for a birthday party we're attending tonight. It was quick and fun, and I totally made it up as I went along. To close it up, I used some old grograin ribbon woven through the stockinette.

We participated in Bike The Drive today, riding downtown, then up Lake Shore Drive to Bryn Mawr, then back south to Jackson, and then on to a breakfast place near our apt, the Sunrise Cafe (about 23 mi?). We got up before 5am to do this, so by the time we got home, showered, and ran errands, it was 12:30pm and I was beat! My 2-3 hour nap was quite refreshing. Now, after eating some leftovers for dinner, we're off to the Ice Cream & Film Noir birthday party! Have a great Memorial Day tomorrow. We'll be at a noon barbeque.


Lap blanket finished

Ahhh. It is so nice when a long-term project is finally finished and ready for use. I almost entirely used up the acrylic boucle on the blanket! It's fuzzy and warm. I did some marathon knitting to finish it up, but to keep going I kept thinking, one more row, one more row! Then I had a million ends to weave in, but I just sat and listed to Prairie Home Companion yesterday evening (broadcasting from Iceland) and just finished them all up.
I think this lap blanket was the perfect use for the boucle. It's shedding a little, but I think it just needs a washing/drying to get any loose fiber off.

I did get a little more knitting in this weekend, on the hemp baby sweater. I've almost finished the stripes on the front piece. The front took a while to get going, as I kept following the wrong directions in the book, since there's a cardigan and a pullover verion, and I think I kept going back to the cardigan directions mistakenly. Anyway, it's moving along.

Even though I can knit and watch TV at the same time, lately I've been feeling as though TV can just bleed one's live away. This is especially true with evening TV with all the crime dramas that suck you in, or all the post-news sitcoms that run from 10:30 on... or 10pm on for FOX. My husband is addicted to the Simpsons, and so usually the TV will be on from 10-? with the sitcoms after that. However, if the TV is off, I find I can get so much more done! I think my goal for the summer will be to watch less TV and make more stuff. I have a list of short sewing projects to work on, like hemming pants, repairing jeans for my husband, etc, that I could do if I weren't watching so much evening TV.


Using Hemp

(Disclaimer: this was supposed to be posted Friday, May 5th, but the server I keep my images on went down, so I delayed... but it's still down, so I put them on a different site, but the rest of my posts' images will be gone until it comes back up. - jlb)

So, I'm making this baby sweater out of hemp. It's the first time I've worked with the fiber. So far, it's going ok. I do notice that every little imperfection shows up, though. I am hoping that this will dissapate once I wash the sweater a few times, to get the fiber softened up and to fill out a bit. It does feel like it will have a nice drape, though, not that drape is something you usually consider in a baby sweater! This is a shot of the back piece, which is finished, with the green stripes I added. It's for a gender-not-to-be-announced-until-birth baby, hence the non-gender specific colors. I've started the front side, too, and i've decided I should add stripes to the sleeves, too. We'll see how that works out.

We're off to Saugatuck, Michigan this weekend, to celebrate our 2nd anniversary. We're taking our new bikes, and I am excited to get to ride around all weekend. I will probably make some progress on knitting there, too. It's nice not to be at work today, as it makes it much less hectic getting things done before leaving. Ahh, I haven't taken a day off in a while! Now, off to move the laundry to the dryer... And here's a pic of a flowering tree on the U of C campus. It's definitely spring!