Almost finished...

Well, I said I would post an update on the baby sweater, and here it is. It's almost done! I hope to work on it tonight and get it finished up. I sewed the front to the back and added the collar this past week. I've decided picking up stitches is something I need more practice at doing. But I got the collar done, and it's ok. I did notice that they did NOT put a collar on the pullover in the picture in the book. weird. Anyway, all that is left is sewing the sleeves and attaching them and doing the side seams. Finally, I have to find some cute buttons for the left shoulder.

My next project will be another shrug - the braided cable shrug, seen here - in Blue Sky Cotton. This is going to be a gift for a friend, and I'm excited to get it started!

In other news, today I had a radically productive day. As we are soon moving to a smaller apartment in the fall, we need to get rid of stuff! We had collected some items and clothing over a month ago, but we hadn't taken them to donation centers yet. I finally got it all put together, added some additional items, and took it out. I sold some books at Myopic Books, donated some books and clothing to the Brown Elephant, and donated clothing and housewares to the Salvation Army. I also dropped off some dry cleaning and got some necessities at the store and quarters for laundry, AND picked up 2 movies at Blockbuster. Laundry has already been started. I feel so productive! Yay! Now I won't feel a bit guilty going to my friend's BBQ tomorrow.


Knitted Architecture?

This is a quickie post, and I promise to post more later in terms of baby sweater progress (finished 2nd sleeve last night) and shibori work from my class. However, this thing I just saw on Treehugger.org merited a post!

There's a project in London called the Knitting Site which is a project to create knitted architecture! They are making a knitted house. It looks like great fun, and is being done in conjunction with the St. Bartholomew's Fair and the London Architecture Biennale. Check it out! Visit the gallery pages to see the process. It looks like they used some interesting industrial materials in additional to more traditional fibers.


Shibori & Knitting

Well, not much to update on the knitting front. I had an incredibly busy last week and a half, including my 10-year college reunion at The University of Chicago, and this past weekend, taking a day off to hang out with my sister-in-law who was in town a few days early before she had to work at a conference. So what did we do, go shopping, of course!

Anyway, one of the fun things I did in my incredibly busy week was start a 4-week class on shibori at Lill Street Art Center. Shibori is a set of techniques for resist-dyeing fabrics used in ancient Japan (and still practiced there and other places around the world). But, I've also seen shibori techniques used in felting knitted fabric, which I find very fascinating. So, while I'm learning these different types of shibori techniques on silk fabric, I'm keeping in mind how I can also use them on knitted fabric. So, stay tuned!

Here are some links if you want to learn some more about shibori and knitted shibori: