OMG: the COOLEST knitting needles ever!

So, looking at my Make Magazine Blog dashboard widget (Mac OS 10.4) Thursday afternoon, I notice a title that pique's my interest: "LED knitting needles and crochet hooks." I click on it and WOW! I see these three great pics of needles lit up entirely, and just at the tips. VERY COOL. Can you imagine how much more knitting could be done on a road trip at night?! Not that I've been on very many road trips during the night since I've been knitting where I've NOT been driving, but still. Very cool idea. I also have a soft spot for electronics and things using LEDs in unique ways. They are a super-efficient light source!


Starting something new!

Ahh... the good feeling of having finished a knitted piece. The braided cable shrug I posted pics of in my last post is now finished and in a box ready to go out to my friend. I like sending packages, but sometimes I get into a terrible batch of inertia about mailing stuff/making it to the post office. However, I recently noticed a branch near me is open until 7pm on weekdays! Amazing. I will be going before I go to Nina's for knitting, since it's 2 buildings away. I can't believe I didn't notice it was open that late before now. I was so inspired, I got the 2 items into a box that I've been meaning to mail my sister. I even decorated the box.

So, the something new I've started is the Kyoto sweater (by Karen Stockton) on Knitty.com. I've wanted to do this one for a while, and it shouldn't be that hard, except that I can tell you now, the double seed stitch sash part is a little slow going on a size 5 needle. It is looking good, though. I am using different colors, but the same Tahki Cotton Classic (mercerized) the pattern calls for, which I ordered for a pretty good price from Flying Fingers Yarn Shop. I'm using dark brown for the sash, neon green for the accent stripe, and medium blue for the top. When I have something to show, I'll post an in-progress photo.


Hemp Baby Sweater Finished!

After spending about an hour searching for the buttons I had bought to finish the sweater, I finally found them! And of course, they were in a pocket in my knitting bag I had already searched in 2 times. Ugh. Anyway, I found them, and got them all sewn on, with 2 left to give to my friend, in case any pop off later. Now that it's done, the overall shape seems a little wierd to me, and I'm not entirely sure my gage was correct, either. But, it's done, and will probably fit the baby at some point (it's the 6-9 mo size). I still feel like i'm floundering around during seaming, but I guess as long as it stays together, it's ok. I need more practice, though. I can't wait to find out the sex of the baby this is for, so I can make some more gender-specific items for it! Anyway, it's super hot out today (97 degrees and muggy), so I think it's a perfect day to stay inside, do some knitting, and work on other home projects.


Happy July!

Well, it's been a while, but I'm finally getting myself together again enough to post. I had a friend in town before the 4th of July, and then got a nasty summer cold... so now that I'm over that I'm feeling much better. We watched the fireworks on the 4th up in Evanston, IL from the beach with a crew of friends, which was rather nice. I am not a fan of the huge crowds in Grant Park for the Chicago fireworks on the 3rd. It was actually sort of chilly that night, too! Big change to our 90+ humid weather this weekend.

Knitting update: the baby sweater is finished, I've washed it twice, and the hemp has softened up, but I haven't sewn the buttons on yet. Once that is done I'll post the finished product. I'm thinking maybe I should do some washcloths out of the rest of the hemp I have left. I started another braided-cable shrug, this one for a friend of mine, and I'm making it out of Blue Sky Cotton (like the one I made my mother for Christmas). It is coming along great, and I'm thinking I want a cotton one, too... maybe with a different cable. I love cabling! I made a list of projects I wanted to make from my growing collection of knitting books, and since I'm almost done with the shrug, it's about time to pick a new project and procure the yarn. I was talking to another knitter I recently met about my unwillingness to buy yarn without a very specific project in mind. I just can't do it! I feel like I'd be wasting money and I'm afraid I would never use the yarn or I'll accidentally buy too little/too much and then be really annoyed. It does take me a while to make up my mind about what yarn to buy for a project, and I don't mind going to the yarn store, comparing, thinking, and then waiting if I'm not sure what I want get. I really want to like what I make, so yarn decisions are something I linger over. Maybe after a while I'll have a better sense of just KNOWING what yarn will work for what project I have in mind, but I don't feel I have that sense just yet.

Lastly, we walked around the Lincoln Square Sidewalk Sale today, where one friend was selling her jewelry, and another was helping out with some free face painting. My husband ran into the second friend while I was looking at something across the street and then showed up with the adult version of face painting - a painted tatoo. He's a sweetie.