Hiatus... over, I hope!

Hello. I have been so incredibly busy over the last 2 months, I've barely had time to knit at all since mid-August. I'm actually almost finished with the kimono-style sweater I started (working on first sleeve still, 2nd sleeve is last piece before seaming). I also was able to attend Midwest Stitches in early August with a friend. But then, my husband and I had to pack up our apartment, move down to the Hyde Park neighborhood, unpack and setup (still ongoing), go through training for an extra-curricular job we've taken on, and then juggle our day jobs with our new 24-7 job. We're living in an undergraduate dorm at the University of Chicago now, helping out with students.

Anyway, I hope to get back on a normal schedule soon. Classes started this week, which is good. I hope to still attend Wednesday night knitting at Nina's at least semi-regularly, and I've been invited to a new knitting group on Tuesday nights. Fun! So, I will be posting more progress on my sweater soon.

In other news, I really like alpaca fibers. And speaking of alpacas, I just saw this interesting analysis of alpacas in one of my favorite blogs, Treehugger. Sounds like there's plenty of alpaca fiber to go around globally-speaking, so it may be hard for American alpaca farmers to make profits on fiber alone - most of the money is in breeding. Interesting article!