So, after all the hype, I've finally made my own version of Clapotis. I didn't have enough yarn to make it the same size as the pattern called for, so instead of 6 repeats on the increases and decreases, I only did 5, but I still had a bit of yarn left. I think it is still enough to make it a functional small scarf or shawl that you can pin to hold it around the shoulders. This one is for my grandmother, so I hope she likes it. She also has lots of pins she could wear with it! I love the yarn I used, which I picked up at Stitches Midwest in August. I used a Brooks Farm yarn, Harmony (55% Mohair, 22.5% wool, 22.5% silk), and I started with 500 yards. I really loved their stuff at Stitches, and wish I had bought more. I used size 8 needles for the pattern, and it worked out pretty well. I haven't blocked it yet, but right now it's about 62" long, and 15.5" wide (slightly streched).

I'm still working on the Kyoto sweater from Knitty, but I'm on the sleeves, and it's just stockinette, so I've been doing other projects in between (like Clapotis!). I did steam-iron block some of the other pieces today, which felt good. Maybe that will motivate me to get it done! Another thing I've been making are washcloths. I got some Sugar & Cream cotton (Buttercream color) and made 2 last week for a double-baby shower last weekend. They went fast and were pretty fun. I plan to make a few more for another friend. The pattern I used for these two, Grandmother's Favorite, is very fast and easy!

Finally, I wish I had seen this pattern before halloween... I love Star Wars!