Ok, not all socks are easy...

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So, I bought this gorgeous Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn when visiting my sister in Portland, OR, and I thought I'd make her some socks. So, I held on to it for a while, trying to decide on a pattern. I had wanted to try the Jaywalker sock pattern by Grumperina for a while, and finally decided that since I knit so tight, I could pull off this pattern on #2 needles with this yarn. Why not?

Well, for some reason, I had the HARDEST time getting these socks started properly. First I kept messing up the basic ribbing at the top. Then, I think I was messing up the pattern stitch, but didn't realize it, so I thought, I should take out a few stitches since it's too big. Then I did the pattern stitch wrong again - was leaving out the knit round between pattern rounds. ugh. So it was too small. Then I started it again, and it was finally right. I further complicated matters by using 2 circular needles instead of 4 dpns... and the directions are constantly referring to the different dpn needles. More brain-power was needed to translate that to my circulars. I finally put in some stitch markers which help. Anyway, I've made it to the toe part, finally. And I do hope that 1) I have enough yarn for sock #2, and 2) that sock #2 goes faster and easier now that I've done all my learning on sock #1. These were to be a gift, but if they don't turn out as well as I think they should be, my sister will be getting a different pair of socks in the easier pattern!!!

In other news, I finished a 3rd Ballband washcloth for a friend. This one reminds me of the Georgia O'Keeffe paintings of sky and clouds that she did late in life. One is hanging in the Art Institute of Chicago, and I always love looking at it.



Working with Linen

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The Mason Dixon Knitting book has a lot of patterns that call for linen yarn. I was interested in this, as I like linen as a fiber a lot, but I had never knitted with it. I have used hemp for a baby sweater, and I had heard that it has similar qualities to linen. Both yarns start of stiff, especially if they are dyed, and both soften up a lot after a few washings. I can say that the hemp softened more as I worked with it by knitting it, and the linen softened up more after one washing. Linen looks very thin and holey as a fabric when you first knit it - I wasn't sure my Moss Grid "hand towel" was going to look anything like an actual hand towel at first! But, after washing it once and putting it in the dryer, it filled out and softened up significantly. I wish now I had done a before and after shot. But here is the after shot at least.

It was a great pattern to use to get used to the linen yarn. It only takes one skein, so it's less commitment (and at the price, I wanted lower commitment for my first project.) I used what the pattern called for, Louet Sales Euroflax sport weight linen yarn, in Jungle Green (I think). I also bought some blue, so I can make one for myself... after I finish the rest of the ballband washcloths I'm going to make...


Fun, Easy & Fast! Washcloths

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So a little while back I made my first ballband dishcloth from Mason Dixon Knitting. I just used some Sugar & Creme cotton and some Lion Brand cotton yarn (worsted weight I think). It came out great, but then I was a little scared to use it - as it might get dirty or something! (Yes, that is what it's for.) Anyway, I decided I wanted to use it as a washcloth for me instead of for dishes. I found that it is really nice. It does shrink up a bit after you wash it and put it in the dryer, but it stretches back out as soon as you start using it. It's nice and absorbant and soft. So this has inspired me to make some more (with more Sugar and Creme yarn I bought) washcloths for a friend who is getting married in June. They are really fun and quick, and I think they'll make nice gifts. yay!


Resurected Blog!

Hello. I have been delinquent, but partially because I lost my free hosting for the photos I had posted on my blog. I have now rectified this and photos should be back on all past posts. HOORAY!

I have been doing a fair amount of knitting which I plan to post soon. Here's a hat I made for my sister from One Skein. It was supposed to be the asymmetrical cable hat with pom-pom, but I decided I didn't like the pom-pom. So instead, I just sewed the hat closed straight across the top. So, lying flat, the hat looks like a rectangle, but when you put it on, it creates ears out of the corners! It was a happy accident. I used Misti Alpaca Chunky in Natural Brown, and it came out great (on size 10.5 needles).