Baby things

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Finally, here is the finished Matinee Jacket from the Simply Baby book by Debbie Bliss. I don't think I had the gauge exactly right, as the arm widths were a bit wider than the opens on the body for them. hmm. So, I think the overall jacket is a bit wider than the pattern should give. But, it was a good project. It was hard for me to get into the rhythm of the lace parts, so I kept making mistakes and having to go fix them. I also had wanted to use a white ribbon with hearts, but that turned out to be too stiff to fit through properly, so I used a plain white satin. I meant to get this done by Christmas, but it wasn't to be. So, I thought red is also a good color for February for Valentine's Day! It will go to its recipient soon. I am not sure it will fit her yet, though :)

In the meantime, I have started the brioche stitch hat from Weekend Knitting. It's really addictive! I wasn't sure I was getting the stitch right, but after a few rounds, it started to become clear and look right. It's deceiving, because I expect it to be small, but it really stretches out a lot. We'll see how it goes. I'm using this super-soft yarn from Stonehedge Fiber Mill in Michigan. I picked it up at Stitches Midwest (where else), and I really love it! I was finally able to just sit and knit on Sunday, which was a luxury!! Anyway, more updates, soon, I hope. It's a quick knit.


Winding up the stash

photo on Lynn's blog
wound yarn
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This year so far (all 3-4 weeks of it) has been busy!!! I did manage to finish up a baby project, and another linen hand towel. But, I just haven't had the time to sit and knit. However, I had been wanting to start some projects I bought yarn for back in August at Stitches Midwest. I can't bring myself to buy yarn without a project in mind, so I always have something I'm going to make when I buy. But, a lot of it was in hanks, not very usable. I had asked for a ball winder and swift for Christmas, and my mom did find me a ball winder, which is great. However, I still needed the swift. By chance, I happened to be up north today near the Arcadia Knitting store, and I stopped in to see if they sold swifts - and they did! I know am the proud owner of an umbrella swift. You can see by the photo that it is working out very well. I'm really happy to have this now, and I feel very self-sufficient. I am hoping this spurs me into working on some new stuff. :)

Pictured are 3 skeins of Shepherd's Wool from Stonehedge Fiber Mill (MI) in navy, light blue, and grayish-blue, 2 skeins of Malabigo worsted merino (the rich blue and bright redish-pink), and one large skein of Brooks Farm mas acero silk/wool blend in the aqua color. Hooray for new projects!!