New yarn, new things!

Malabrigo for giftsSoooooo, I didn't really need to buy any yarn. BUT, It was Nina's 4-year anniversary, and I was already close by, having gone to the DIY Trunk Show, so I stopped by. She was having a sale, you know, 20% off everything. I ran into a few friends there, and WOW was it crowded!! The line for the check-out was about 15 people long, and snaked around the store. It remained about that long until I got in line about a half-hour later. By the time I left, it had gone down to about 6-7 people, but that was absolutely the most packed I'd ever seen the store! Hooray for Nina!

So, I knew I was going to make something for my sister for Christmas, but I wasn't sure yet about the yarn or pattern. But, when I got to looking, it was the Malabrigo that was calling. I got some lovely Olive green worsted, and then some lettuce green superwash sock yarn. I figure one project for Christmas, and one for her birthday in January. And of course, I needed more needles, so I threw some #1 circulars in (for the sock yarn, of course).

I decided on Dashing from Knitty.com Spring 07. I started the pattern for the smaller size, and after doing the 18 rows of rib, I decided it was way too big. And so, I downsized it by 5 stitches, and tried again. This time, I got through the cables, and then decided it was too small!!! The cable areas make the wrist much more fitted, since it's less stretchy. I hadn't thought of that. Now, I've re-cast on again, for the original size. Hopefully the snug cable part will feel right and I'll ignore the roomy part. We'll see how it goes.


OMG some knitting has been happening?!

photo on Lynn's blog
Knotty Sock
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Well, I'm finally inspired to post on my blog again. So, apologize for the bad photo styling, but in an effort to just get a post out, I have just given up on nice photos tonight.

First, I had started these Knotty or Knice Socks (Chrissy Gardiner) from the Fall 2008 Interweave Knits magazine. Once I got the cast one done, it was pretty smooth sailing. The pattern takes a little effort to follow, but I got it into my hands pretty well. These will definitely have to be blocked, but they fit pretty well. I ended up making the length of the foot shorter than the pattern called for, because I only wear a 6.5 size shoe. I made the length from the ankle go right up to my calf, and I still had yarn left!

Braided cable 3/4 sleve shrug
Next, I was asked to make a version of my braided cable shrug for a friend's sister-in-law. She bought the yarn for me, and I knitted it up. This is a very easy pattern, and is mostly mindless knitting. It just needs to be seamed up! I didn't get to make it full sleeve length, however. The Main Line from Knit Picks looks best on a size 8 needle, so I didn't have my friend get quite enough yarn. It's also only 82 yds/ball. But, I think it will be very cute, regardless.

What's next? I'm not sure. I need to do the 2nd sock, and my sister needs some fingerless mitts, so maybe I'll start both! Either way, I should really spend some more time knitting and less time on facebook :) Knitting is much more rewarding.

History was made.

I'm so proud to be an American these days!