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Malabrigo for giftsSoooooo, I didn't really need to buy any yarn. BUT, It was Nina's 4-year anniversary, and I was already close by, having gone to the DIY Trunk Show, so I stopped by. She was having a sale, you know, 20% off everything. I ran into a few friends there, and WOW was it crowded!! The line for the check-out was about 15 people long, and snaked around the store. It remained about that long until I got in line about a half-hour later. By the time I left, it had gone down to about 6-7 people, but that was absolutely the most packed I'd ever seen the store! Hooray for Nina!

So, I knew I was going to make something for my sister for Christmas, but I wasn't sure yet about the yarn or pattern. But, when I got to looking, it was the Malabrigo that was calling. I got some lovely Olive green worsted, and then some lettuce green superwash sock yarn. I figure one project for Christmas, and one for her birthday in January. And of course, I needed more needles, so I threw some #1 circulars in (for the sock yarn, of course).

I decided on Dashing from Knitty.com Spring 07. I started the pattern for the smaller size, and after doing the 18 rows of rib, I decided it was way too big. And so, I downsized it by 5 stitches, and tried again. This time, I got through the cables, and then decided it was too small!!! The cable areas make the wrist much more fitted, since it's less stretchy. I hadn't thought of that. Now, I've re-cast on again, for the original size. Hopefully the snug cable part will feel right and I'll ignore the roomy part. We'll see how it goes.


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Ha. I did the same thing. Talked myself into buying Suri Merino for the Blue Sky Cabled Cowl. I consider it therapeutic since I haven't been knitting much lately.

and hey... 20% off! There was a line for me too. And also a "bomb threat" happening a block away at the Milwaukee/Division/Ashland triangle subway station. That was kind of bizarre, especially since it got no mention in the news.

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