FOs & Re-considering Craft

The Boy Hat
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While listening to NPR (WBEZ in Chicago) last Saturday, I caught part of the "To the Best of Our Knowledge" show (12/14/08). The whole show was about craft, hence the title, "Re-considering Craft." It was a very interesting set of stories from an author writing about craft, to a craft fair in Milwaukee, to a neuroscientist and the effect of making things on our brain. I highly encourage everyone to take a listen. It was quite an interesting show, and I think it helped to explain why there has been such a resurgence in crafting in the past few years. You can find the podcast on iTunes, or go to the show's web site: http://www.wpr.org/BOOK/shows.cfm.

Dashing Mitts for HusbandAnyway, on to finished objects! I have actually completed some Christmas knitting. I made a very basic hat (The Boy Hat pattern by Elizabeth Heath-Heckman) I found on Ravelry for my husband, and some matching Dashing mitts. I modified his a bit, since he didn't want then to go as far past his wrist. So I started the first cable after 6 rows, and only put 7 rows between cables instead of 9. That shortened them enough. The yarn is Stonehedge Fiber Mill Shepherd's Wool, which is super-soft. It's sort of a blue tweed (Denim color), even though it looks almost gray.

I also made the smaller size of the Dashing mitts for my Sister for Christmas. Those are made out of Malabrigo merino worsted. I followed the pattern on those,and they turned out great! I think this pattern is interesting with the alternating cables, and because the cables are spread apart, they are more of a design element than an actual pattern in the mitts. They also help to make the mitt snug around the wrist without having to do any decreases and then increases for the hand area. That may be obvious to some, but it was an interesting revelation for me while knitting these up.

I also completed my first knitting commission. I had made a pattern up for a braided-cable shrug, which I've made 3x before for myself, my mom, and a friend. I made yet another one for a friend to give to her sister-in-law for Christmas. She chose the Main Line yarn from Knit Picks for it, and I made it a 3/4 sleeve length. It turned out nicely! I have another knitting commission request for a custom scarf, but I won't start on that until after the holidays.

Happy Holidays & New Year!